3 thoughts on “Stockton High Street

  1. Brenda, I worked at Doggarts with you and Margaret Howe (sadly passed away a few years back with cancer), Mrs Smith was our supervisor?? (also passed away). It was a lovely place to work and was sad when I heard it had been knocked down for ‘progress’. After I had my baby I went to South Africa to live for 35 years and had another two babies, just got back to UK live in Shropshire now.


  2. I worked at Doggarts from leaving school and was still there when we moved to Billingham it was the best place to work every one was happy in Stockton not the same when we moved.


  3. This photograph shows once again the great loss Stockton residents suffered when this part of the high street was demolished under the guise of progress. Many people these days are more aware of their historic buildings and will fight to keep them. Thank goodness we have such photographs to remind us of a high street we once could be proud of.


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