9 thoughts on “St Cuthberts Junior School Athletics Team

  1. Jack, you are right about Hans Timmerman. He was exceptionally gifted, very bright and artistic and very athletic, but unpopular because he was German and strongly opinionated with it. He had quite a few fights as a result. For whatever reason he and I hit it off and were good friends at the Cuthbert’s and later at St. Mary’s College in Middlebrough. We lost touch after he moved away to Darlington and I often wonder what happened to him.


  2. I remember all of this team. Big John Bradley couldn’t do right for doing wrong in Miss Tomkinson’s class, she bullied him something awful.

    Did Robin Corners sister go to the ‘Cuthies’?…her name was Gillian I think.
    I knew the whole family, Mrs Corner taught at the Cuthies’ and taught me Latin in her own time and in her home, how about that for dedication.
    Hans Timmerman was a gifted artist and footballer,got a lot of stick because of his German extraction,I think he could look after himself though.
    James Boddy with the Red hair and the pronounced stutter, nice guy.
    Happy days boys.


  3. Hi everyone I”m sending these details off to Ged Rumak to jog his memory about the photo. We would appreciate any more photos any one else has with the Rumaks in shot it would be great, thanks.


  4. Just to let Kevin McCulloch & Jim McCurley know that “The Great Mary Quinn” is back on dry land after a cruise to the Caymen Islands singing for her supper. She was accomanying a sound alike “Elvis”. She is still not on line yet, but I will keep her up to speed via her daughter who lives in Jacksonville and I”m sure she will be delighted to hear herself referred to as above. I will talk to her this week via the telephone and inform her of both of your good wishes. …..Pat (m&mQ”s sister)


  5. Its a “funny old world”. This picture, the one of St. Cuthberts School, the St. Cuthberts church prompted comments that included “lealholme” on Yarm Rd. near. what I remember as the Blytholme Club. In Lealholme in the late fifties early sixties St. Cuthberts Youth Club was held . With dancing galore ! Thats where I first met Mardi Quinn. At those dances Mick Kemp first got interested in music, he went on to lead the Bluecaps, also mentioned often on this site. The instigator of the music at the Lealholme club via his great interest in sound systems was Dominic Serrechia of the ” ice cream” family also mentioned on this site in other places. Jim McCurley and I frequented the club often as well as Tony O”Conner also mentioned on this site. I am willing to guess that many others out there linked via this site back to those days. By the way Pat Watson, Jim McCurley and I are still waiting to find out where the great Mary Quinn is going to perform in the States. Which leads to another site connection, at least four of us who used to frequent that small dance youth club ended up as croupiers at Tito”s in Stockton …. another picture on the website… the world is truly small !!


    • Hiya Kevin, I’m your cousin, Trish. I remember playing darts with your Mam, Aunty Rose. She was one of the nicest ladies you could meet, and the fact that she was “me aunty” was the icening on the cake!


  6. Very interesting to see this picture. Gerrard Rumak is a distant cousin of mine (and of course M&MQ”s), also his sisters Anna,Catherine & Delia and brother Victor. I believe Catherine had a message on this site re a picture posted of a class in which Delia was pictured. Catherine is now married to a chap called Lockwood. Regards Pat, (M&MQ”s sister)


  7. OK, here goes. Left to right. Back row: Gerard Rumak; Arthur McCue; John Bryson; James Boddy; John Bradley; Robin Corner; John Jackson. Middle row: Kevin McCullough; David Scott; Geoffrey Madden; Christopher Flynn; John Evans; Terry Sullivan; Hans Timmerman. Front: Joe McGuinness; Jim O”Connor.


  8. This is the junior school athletics team that represented St. Cuthberts school at the Stockton School Sports Day that was held at Stockton”s old Victoria football ground at the end of Suffolk St. This team represented about four classes from Junior 1 to Junior 4. Perhaps participants can identify themselves. Some of the people on thia photo are contributors to the web page and others have been mentioned on it in the past. Based on the six degrees of seperation theory probably 90% of your contributors have some connection with these folks.


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