3 thoughts on “1st Norton Scouts 1936/7

  1. Laurie Cuthbertson had a caravan on the same site as me. I introduced him to the site. A funny story about Laurie – He was a bus driver for the Corporation. He was driving the last bus from Stockton to Norton Green. He was driving it and making sudden jerks so that people lunged forward. It was only for his Father, ‘Happy’ Cuthbertson’s, sake as he was always on the last bus home and merry after his session of drinking. ‘Happy’ would always being singing and very happy as his name describes him.


  2. I should remember Tom Russell, I was in 1st Norton scouts 1935/36 with Tommy Devey, Frank Allen, Lol Cuthbertson, Ginger Armstrong, Jack Hood, Harry Hood and scout master Norman Uckle.


  3. My younger brothet Tom and I were members of the troop from 1936/37 to 1941/2. We spent a summer camp at Ripon (on the banks of the River Ure) in, I think, 1937. In 1939, Norman Hackle, our Scoutmaster went into the forces leaving Eric Robinson and Goff Simpson to run the troop. We had a grand summer camp at Osmotherley in 1940 (see photo t10269). Shortly after that camp, I think, Goff was called up and worse still our other leader Eric died suddenly of meningitis aged 19. I have a very happy memory of tea at Erics home (along with other patrol leaders) when he entertained us by playing on his mandolin. He was a true “gentle”-man. I think Rowlands (I have forgotten his first name!) and I were the oldest scouts (about 14 or 15) and we shared Troop Leader duties in our struggle to keep the troop going. I took up Akelas role with the Cub Pack (about 25/30 Cubs) and after a while a fine 18 year old woman called Jean Watson (sister of a good friend, Frank Watson of 5th Stockton) joined me and later ran things with the Cubs. Those 3 or 4 years were hard for the scouts involved but we did our best and worked well together. Towards the end of this period I joined the Stockton Sea Scouts in preperation for my call up to HM Royal Navy in August 1943.


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