Class photograph of Hardwick Junior School

t9588This is a class photograph of Hardwick Junior school taken in 1972. It consists of children from two school years who were either in the choir or recorder group A.

The photo is courtesy of Julie Gale (nee Hardwick) who is in the 3rd row up, 5th from the right in a light blue dress and holding a recorder.

10 thoughts on “Class photograph of Hardwick Junior School

  1. Sorry, I should have named those I could… Front row L – R – Andrew Pollard, ?, Steven Ellis, Craig Higgins, Geoffrey Nicholson. Second row L – R – ?, ?, Janet Smith,?, ?, Moria Trotter, Sharon Remmer, ?, ?. Third row L to R – Maggie Neil, ?, Barbara York, Michael Cook, ?,?,?,?,?, Julie Marshall, Steven Lees, Anthony McDonald, ?, Terry Lewis. Fourth row L to R – ?,?,?,?,?,?, Karen Buttle, ?,?,?,?.


  2. Back row from left – 2nd Elaine Nattrass; 3rd Pamela Wade; 6th Patricia Barnard; 8th Susan Jenkins; 9th Angela Puggmur; 10th Angela Dalrimple??; 11th Amanda Frost?? 3rd row from left – 2nd Victoria Atkinson; 6th Tracy Thorpe; 7th Andrea Good; 8th Janet Bainbridge. 2nd row from left – 5th Janet Clamp (RIP); 9th Mandy Watson. 1st row from left – 4th Craig Higgins; 6th Geoffry??


  3. Back row, 4th from left, Jacqueline Baker, 5th from left Julie Walker, 9th from left Puggmur. 2nd row from back, 1st from left, possibly Tweddle. Front row 2nd from left possibly Pattison. Other names are Lisa Jiles, and a girl called Good. Unless I’m mistaken, sadly the girl in the middle of the second row from the front [yellow dress] is no longer with us. I know lots of the other faces but names have been forgotten.


  4. Thanks Peter for pointing out Jean Skeldon. I went to Grangefield Grammar and Stockton/Billingham Technical College with her. Both of us felt unable to successfully complete our Shorthand Transcription exam at college so we made an agreement to leave together 10 minutes into the exam, which we did!


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