4 thoughts on “Collingwoods the jewellers

  1. Remember Northern Goldsmiths very well for two reasons, bought our wedding and engagement rings from this shop, and a mate of mine Billy Small worked there – Billy sadly no longer with us. Billy was the twin of well known local footballer, Bob Small, both from Pentland Avenue Billingham.


  2. My first job was at Collingwoods for 3 pound per week, I started in the early 1960’s and I stayed there for 9 months. It was an old fashioned shop that tried to give the very best service, the Manager was an ex-RAF chap and he was a Gentleman who lived on Mandale road, Acklam, Middlesbrough. I liked the job but the downside was that when the market was on we would get visits from certain folk who would leave us with a louse or two, my Mother had to buy an anti-louse lotion to get rid of them.


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