12 thoughts on “Roseworth Infant School. 1958/59

  1. I remember Eric Sevier, Brian Winter, Barbara Swales they were in my class at Redbrook Juniors (Mr Gardner’s class) along with my ‘best friend’ at the time Christine Laverick who I think is second from the right, front row of the photo. My name was Susan Rawe. I also remember Susan Drinkle, she lived a couple of doors along from my Nana in Rushford Avenue.


  2. I went to Roseworth Infants for a very short time, my name then was Shirley Williams. I have a school photo but not sure how to upload it to this site. Please help.
    My brother Stephen also went there too.


  3. Hi Dave – Please could you send me a copy of this photo and the later one (Roseworth Juniors 62/63). My mam is Sheila Pruden nee Moody. I found this site through a Facebook site called Stocktonians, I was delighted when I saw these photos for the first time and recognised my mam straight away!!! Sadly my mam passed away in 2004, to say that seeing these pics made my day is an understatement!! If you have any other pictures with her in any of them, I would love to see them, thank you.


  4. I have just discovered a copy of this pic when sorting things out when my mother moved house. Here goes with what I can remember. Back row L-R; Miss West, Graham Arthur, Me, Stewart Shaw, Peter Hay (has the pet shop in Norton), David Cummings, Peter Seaton, Peter Raybould, John Edwards, David Lewis, Alan Brennan, Ernest Oglesby, Eric Sevier, David Eardley.
    Middle; Bri Winter (went on to Redbrook Jnrs), Marion Atkinson??, Pat Atkinson, Kathleen? Tunney???, ???, Christine Robinson, Sheila Moody, Christine Franklin, Christine Briggs??, ???,???,???, Pete Goring.
    Front; Barbara Swales??, Maureen Mansell, Ann Leighton, Susan Drinkle,???, Beryl Green (now Harley), ???, Kathleen Freeman, Ann Moore,???, Ann Wilson.
    Can anyone help me with these names? David ‘Socks’ Summerfield, please get in touch, I still have the ‘You can all join in’ LP you sold me as kids.


  5. Two lads I worked with during the 60s may have gone to this school – Alan Haymen and David McClean. Both lads worked with me at Downings iron foundry. Alan Haymen lived in Roseworth and I think David did also. Can anyone help? The PictureStockton team can give you my e-mail address.


  6. Has anybody got any pics of class 1957 to 1959 and from the junior school from 1960 please? Marilyn, I`m 56 as well but I do not think I was in that class??


  7. This picture made me feel old. I am now 56 and it all seems so long ago that I was at school. What has happened to everyone? I remember the name Dave Summerfield and recognise some of the old faces but don”t remember all the names. My parents are still in Stockton but I live in the south now. Who else recognises their photo?


  8. Its interesting to see Mrs West here in 1958. I attended Roseworth Infants between 1977 and 1978 and Mrs West was then head of the infants.


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