3 thoughts on “Hartburn Signal Box

  1. Wow this brings back memories – Deltics were my favourite trains when I was an avid trainspotter in about 1977 when I was 10 – used to wait for the diversions every Sunday and stand on Spring Street bridge in Stockton to hear that fantastic engine! I used to go all over along with my brother Michael Wilson and his mate Neil Howells just to see them as far up as Carlisle and down to Doncaster (I’m 42 now).


  2. The loco in the picture Deltic diesel D9015 has the small yellow warning panels on the nose. Larger yellow panels were applied in early 1967 so the picture pre-dates this. At that time 1A16 was the 10.00 am King’s Cross -Edinburgh train, the Flying Scotsman and the train in the picture is probably the Sunday version of this train, diverted off the East Caost Main line at Northallerton due to Sunday engineering works, through Stockton and Stillington and rejoining the main line at Ferryhill. Later on this train did, I believe, gain a 1 S headcode.


  3. Looking at the headcode on the locomotive,1A*6 it would appear that the diversion was via Darlington where the locomotive would have run round the train and reversed the direction of travel. The headcode with the letter A is for trains to Kings Cross from within the Eastern Region. It is my thought that at the other end of the locomotive is the correct headcode for the train which if it is a Newcastle terminator would be an N and if for North of the Border an S. The displayed headcode, 1A*6 is for the locomotives last trip which would have been towards Kings Cross. These headcodes were important as most signal boxes were not equiped with “Train Description Equipment” automatically informing the signaler the headcode.


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