11 thoughts on “St Bedes School, Green Lane

  1. I’ve been wondering what happened to Bill and Tom Edwards who attended St Bede’s in the 60s. They lived on the Hardwick Estate.


  2. Just met Gilbert Allinson today the fist time since about 1964/5. The first time I’ve seen these photo’s I think, I have a different one from another year. It should be Michael Conroy though not Paul, he now frequents the Mallable social club, I think Friday evenings.


  3. I lived across the street from St. Bede’s, you can see it behind the boys, our home was on the corner of Green Lane and Castlereigh Road right across from the school. My family moved there from Mellor Street in about 1961.


  4. I have just read that Leo (SPUD) Murphy passed away late 2012. I remember him starting at St Bede’s and taking us for Biology. He started alongside two other teachers by the name of Maxwell and Nugent


  5. Our teachers at St Bedes were: Brother Brendon – History & Form Master. Brother Baptist – Headmaster. Brother Pious – Maths. Brother Livinus – Geography. Brother Francis – Sport. Mr Philips – Woodwork. Mr O’Farrel – Science. Mr Nevin – Science. Mr Bury – Baths etc. Mr Core – English(?). Mr Tomkinson – English(?). Miss Prior – English. Mr McLean – Music & Choir. Mr Murphy – Biology. Mr Thompson – Tech drawing. Mr Maxwell and Mr Nugent were student teachers.


    • My name is Charles Bowell and I left St Bedes school in 19 61 in Corrie Brewery Francis they’ve were all my teachers sadly Mr McLean died in a home of Alzheimer’s it would be nice to meet old school pals from that time so long ago in the past I was a pupil in St Bedes school from 19 59 to 19 61 I was 15 when I left school.


  6. This was Brother Brendons class – he was our Form Master for two years. I spent four happy years there but left with hands like leather through constant caning – when I look back I think I deserved it. The school was a safe and happy environment. The people on the top photo from L-R are, back row; Denis Lawler, Charlie Blakemore, Edward Hunnam, Jimmy Oliver, Philip Pevler. Second row; Christopher Redmond, Terence Fitzgerald, Anthony Monk, Michael Casey, Paul Conroy, Michael Mahon, Kenneth Salmon. Third row; Tony Flynn, Harry Heslop, Terry Murphy, Peter Cumiskey, Brother Brendon, Robert Davies, Jimmy Shepherd, Stan Dixon, Stephen McNally. Front row; Michael Dee, Edwin Cooper, Dennis Russell, Philip Sparks, Kenneth Waugh, Denis Boddy, David Allinson and Gilbert Allinson. The people on the second photo are, back row; Terence Fitzgerald, Gerald Downey, Stan Dixon, Tony Monk, Steven McNally, Denis Lawler, Michael Mahon, Paul Conroy. Second row; Charlie Blakemore, Kenneth Salmon, Philip Pevler, Jimmy Oliver, John McGuckin, John Lightowler, Michael Casey. Third row; Tony Flynn, Jim Shepherd, Kenneth Waugh, Robert Davies, Brother Brendon, Philip(?) Bryans, Harry Heslop, Edward Hunnam. Front row; Denis Russell, Philip Sparks, Gilbert Allinson, Edwin Cooper, Michael Dee, David Allinson, Denis Boddy, Peter Cumiskey, Terry Murphy.


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