4 thoughts on “Newtown Methodist Church 2009

  1. How very infomative Stuart. I was a young girl in late 50s and went to Newtown Methodist, I would not have given a second thaught to the history of the organ in the chapel in my youth but how age changes one. I am sure my Grandma used to talk about the methodist church in Paradise row.


  2. I attended this church from the age of 4 at Sunday school.

    My mam was caretaker there for quite a few years
    and I remember going down every Tuesday evening at 6pm to open up the school room for the Brownies.

    They had a great youth club in the sixties
    run by Freda Finch and Gordon Barratt.


  3. The Howcroft Riley Memorial Organ was originally installed at the Paradise Row Primitive Methodist Church, Stockton-on-Tees on the 28th April 1910. This quality instrument was manufactured by Abbot & Smith of Leeds. It was a two manual organ with twenty three stops, that cost £520, in todays terms that equates to around £250,000. The organ remained here until the church closed in 1947, when it was then transferred in 1948 to the Newtown Methodist Church, remaining in service until 2004, a span of 94 years.


  4. I have very fond memories of this wonderful old church. I attended Sunday School here in the 40`s and 50`s. Sadly the building is no longer used and the congregation has moved to share the fascilities at St. Paul`s Church just up the Road. I have commented elsewhere on this site ( See St. Pauls Church) regarding the fate of the old organ. I`m sure that past members of the Newtown Methodist Church congregation will, like me, have happy memories of Sundays in this old building singing to the sound of that wonderful old organ.


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