8 thoughts on “Newtown School 1953

  1. This photo is a real gem that touches the heart. Obviously, we are now all around the 74 years old mark and sadly some of this group have passed away, Tony Brown for example, he was a lovely lad with an infectious laugh. It would be really nice if a few of us at least could meet up for a reunion. I would be delighted to hear from anyone, boy or girl, in the picture.
    Please contact me on roy.buchanan@hotmail.co.uk. I left Teesside in 1963 when I moved to London where I have stayed ever since. I currently live in Epsom in Surrey, just outside London. I am sure we all have very interesting stories to tell that I would love to hear. I look forward to an e-mail from any former pupil of Newtown Junior School (Miss Lawson’s class) and Newham Grange Secondary School (4A) I already have contact with Christine Houghton, Margaret Marr, Pat Whitmarsh and or course Len Nicholson who sent me the photo.

    If anyone has access to Omega, the OU Graduates magazine, they have published one of my poems called “Northern Haunts” which is about my trip to Teesside last year when I became dewy-eyed about my younger years.


  2. The boy in the middle of the back-row in the white T-shirt is Alex Grieves who lived on a farm on Harrowgate Lane, about where the Hardwick Social Club is now.


  3. Michael Harris is not on this photograph, the photo is back-row L to R Moira Coulthard, DK, Mally Heath, Alan Tupling, Malcolm Guthrie, Keith Barker, DK, Alec Grieves, DK, Christine Houghton, Mrs Lawson(Teacher), Norma Fletcher, Arthur Jones, ? Lynch, David Clarke, Middle-row John Paton, DK, Stan Buckle, John Steel, ? Walker, Roy Buchanan, Brian Porter, Tommy Ashton, Frank Burn, Front-row Peter Gilbert, Maureen Stephenson, Georgina Metcalf, Colin(CORKY)Armstrong, Glenda Idle, Sheila George, ? Donaldson, Ann Wardle, Len Nicholson, Brian Philips, Tony Brown.


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