4 thoughts on “William Newton Girls School Choir 1956

  1. When the Battle of Britain celebrations occurred the schools had Queens and Marjorie Carrigan was made the Battle of Britain Queen for the Richard Hind School.


  2. Tony and Marjorie were of an age with me, we all went to Norton Board School until we went off to the various high schools. Marjorie was indeed beautiful and the boys very good at sport. We all congregated on the green before we would wander off down Mill Lane to the beck or the willowgarth making flutes from rushes or watching the trains on the embankment. Summer nights we would sneak into Cowboy Valley to watch the courting couples and get chased for our cheek. The girls, including Marjorie and the girls from Kendrews estate, went where we lads went being just as rough and tumbles as we were, climbing trees, rollers skates, bikes and even skinny dipping in the beck on hot days – dont tell our mothers. The world was ours with none of the fences the kids are encircled with today. In the early days of the war we only went to school half a day for a while, half the school mornings, half afternoons changing over the next week so we got plenty of time to do our own things. Most of the girls had dance training plus what we called Swedish drill, all in rows arms bend, knees bend, now from the waist, on the William Newton Field. Then there was the fall about laughing bit for us lads as sisters walked around the house with books on their heads quoting, "The rain in Spain falls mainly on the tourists" or something like that. That would only be the parents who could afford those lessons although most of the girls did do that. There was an independence about it all, we interacted with each other and gained a confidence that stood us all in good stead in later years. I did see articles in the local paper about the Carrigan boys but never saw Marjorie again after I went in the army, I often wondered what happened to her and all the others who were gone when I came back on leave from abroad years later.


  3. Ref the comments by Bob Irwin and Gran Cooper on the Carrigan boys of Norton; The family
    consisted of Mr and Mrs C, the three boys Terry, Geoff and Tony plus a beautiful sister Marjorie a leading local amateur actress. As has been mentioned Terry and Geoff were River Pilots. The father was Secretary of the newly formed Stockton Harriers in 1946 – his real claim for fame was as the English One mile Champion in 1921. Sadly the boys are all deceased. If Marjorie is still alive, I would welcome a reply from her.


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