9 thoughts on “Stockton Cycling Club 1882

  1. Hi, my great great grandfather was the architect for the house in the background. You can see the original drawings for the house if you Google ‘1875 – Woodside, Preston, Co. Durham’ . I was sad to hear that this magnificent house had been demolished. I would have loved to have seen it!


  2. We have uncovered an air raid shelter in the old grounds of Woodside Hall and we are looking for any old photographs of the hall which will allow us to build a historical picture of this great old building. Any help or information/photographs would be great. Thanks.


  3. The building in the background was called Woodside Hall in Eaglescliffe it used to be known as Cleveland School. It was originally the home of Richard Henry Appleton who was major of Stockton on Tees in 1891. It was knocked down and replaced by Teeside High School.


  4. Looking at this photo I wondered how they all kept upright! Then saw that they each held the handlebar of the adjoing cycle, inter-linking arms.


  5. Thank you James Stark for identifying the location, this now enables the scene to be put into context.
    This is a group of cyclists from the Stockton Amateur Bicycle Club, which was the forerunner of the Stockton Cycling Club, until the new name was adopted in 1890.
    Woodside Hall at that time was the home of Richard Henry Appleton (who built the Clevo Flour Mill, Thornaby). In 1891 Appleton was mayor of Stockton-on-Tees, so I wonder if the club had ridden out to Woodside Hall to greet him, as Appleton was a member of the Club. In 1885-86 Appleton served as President of the Club.

    Examination of the photo shows some interesting details.
    The cyclist on the extreme left is holding something to his lips. He was probably the club bugler who helped to coordinate the rides, one blast from his bugle and everybody mounted their cycle, two blasts and they dismounted.
    The riders appear to be in their club uniform, brown with a gold monogram badge.
    The rider on the extreme right appears to be wearing three such badges, he may have been the club Captain who always led the ride.

    The above information is taken from the website ‘History of Cycling in Stockton on Tees’ by Bob Hutchinson and Susan McLaurin.


  6. Aye I know where that is, thats Woodside Hall in Eaglescliffe on the same site as Teesside High. They knocked the house down and built the school on the same site. If you type Woodside Hall into an image site it will come up, its a very old sepia photo but you can make it out. The actual location of these people on their bikes is taken from Eaglescliffe golf course right on the boundary line in front of the house.


  7. What a beautiful photo this is, them proud gentlemen on their Penny-Farthings.

    Good thing then, no cars. Must of been great cycling down the back lanes without a car speeding past you.

    Also pleased to say, that cycling is still as popular as it was then.


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