3 thoughts on “Mill Lane School percussion band 1962

  1. I’m the little one in the middle wearing what looks like a school uniform, white blouse, navy jumper and navy skirt and holding the triangle. What a fantastic photo! I left Mill Lane not long after this photo was taken as we moved house and lost contact but often wonder about everyone. I recall going to the party of Heather McInnes who had a huge house! Joan Mitchinson was a good friend. I remember Jacqueline Hall being on the tv. I think she became a teacher.


  2. I am stood at the far end left as you look at the picture, the one with the flowery dress and the scowl. The fourth form the left the smaller girl with a pale blue dress is Marilyn Patterson.
    There is Susan Adams but I cannot recognise her. I think Sheila Jenkins was in it too.

    We used to go round the old peoples homes and play for them. We had 2 sets of music, one was the war time songs Rule Britannia, Pack up your troubles and the second set of music was North East songs I think but I could be wrong on that count.


  3. Front row L-R: ?, Valiere Armstrong, Joan Mitchinson, ?, ?, Joan Johnson(?), ?, ?, Janet Edwards who was from Canada. Back Row L-R: Mavis Johnston(?), Jacqueline Hall, Heather McInnes (me). I think the teacher was called Mrs Solway and the conductor at the front is Elaine Ward.


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