5 thoughts on “Globe Theatre Staff

  1. My nana (Agnes Stephens) is in the top photo!
    She’s 2nd up from the bottom, left/center with the dark hair. My Dad and Auntie would love a copy of this photo of their mam…would it be possible to get a copy please? Thanks, Helen Stephens


  2. I remember going to the pantomime that Xmas when Lonnie Donegan was on. He had us singing his hit song "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour…" so that would probably set the year of the bottom photo as 1960 just prior to its release or 1961 when it made No.3 in the charts.


  3. These photographs, loaned to me, are the property of Freda Rogers. She and her friend Joan Dewhirst worked at the Globe Theatre some years ago, both ladies appear in the photographs. Freda, now in her eighies, is unable to name other personnel that feature. I think some of the background posters may give a clue as to the date the photographs were taken.


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