5 thoughts on “Dundas Street 2009

  1. I lived at 89, I remember quite few people around there – Mansalls, Leightons, Watsons, Stones and Moores shop Grays where you took potato peelings for their pigs and got few pence. I remember the ‘penny a long ride’ man too on the estate. Yikes I’m 60 soon – where have the years gone?


  2. Latterly, my sister Madeleine had this place as a pet shop for a couple of years, my little girl used to love wandering round in there.


  3. My Dad, Alan Grainger, lived at 16 Dundas street with my late grandparents Gran and Pop (George and Elsie Grainger) Dad had a brother Les (sadly now deceased). His cousin Annie Rickerby, husband Robbie and son Peter lived at no 32 and I had a great Aunt Ethel Sowler who lived on the opposite side of the street near the cutting to the railway bridge, leading to St Johns Church. We moved to Bristol in 1964 and my parents are now in their 80’s. I went to St John’s school and my dad and brother David were in St John’s choir. Dad also sang with the Silver Stars.


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