7 thoughts on “Photograph taken by A&G Taylor c1895

  1. Whilst researching my fathers family tree I came across two photographs by A and G Taylor of Sheffield. One of a lady which had the number 3583-1 and one of a gentleman on it and this had a list of Taylor’s Shops


  2. A little more info on A&G Taylor, Photographers. The business at 106 High Street, which would be very close to the corner of Ramsgate was opened in 1880 and was one of a chain of 70 studios nation-wide in major cities and towns. First established by Andrew and George Taylor in London in 1864 who were soon billing themselves as the “The largest photographers in the world” adding outlets in America and Paris. They became photographers to the Queen in 1886. The Stockton studio closed in 1911 which I originally thought was because Stewarts Clothiers was rebuilt and extended on the site in 1912 but more significantly I think it may have been because of the death of George Taylor in 1911.


  3. Thanks Martin for the information regarding A&G Taylor Photography firm. Thanks also for pointing out the date on the back. I have only had the photograph since the end of December. My Grandmother was born in 1893, photo taken as I stated around 1895/6, the only explanation I have is that at some point after Queen Victoria had died the family had gone to A&G Taylor to have a copy done. Sadly, as you will appreciate, there is no-one alive in the family to confirm this.


  4. A&G Taylor seem to have been an early franchise type company. I came across several of their early cards on E-Bay – the description of their company was: A & G Taylor (1860’s-1918) London England.
    Photographers Andrew and George Taylor set up the Royal Studio in the 1860’s, and as they became a major producer of cartes de visite they began opening up branches in other cities. They were publishing postcards by 1901 under the name of four series though there are some unmarked cards. The Reality Series consisted of greetings, children, actresses and military themes produced as real photo postcards. There was quite a bit more about the other series.


  5. I received this photograph from a cousin, which shows my Grandmother (Dinah Colclough always known as Daisy, her married name was Bowes) along with two of her cousins Harold and Jim Brown. As Gran was born in 1893 I think the photograph must have been taken in 1895/96. Has anyone any information regarding the firm of A&G Taylor, they seem to claim to be a high profile establishment, it would be interesting to find out if they were all they claimed to be.


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