Stockton Parish Church

This postcard shows Stockton Parish Church taken at night in 1905. Note the street lights and lamp post, and what looks like a row of houses on Church Road. Advertising signs on the right are for Bovril and Robin Starch among others. There is no war memorial yet as this was still a few years before WW1. Courtesy of John Callender.

2 thoughts on “Stockton Parish Church

  1. Just held the postcard to a light and it looks exactly the same so I guess it’s just a normal postcard. It has writing on the back though and has a half penny stamp on it.


  2. This postcard looks as if it was one of the ‘hold to the light’ cards that were once popular. If you hold the card up to a source of light, the light appears to shine through the windows etc, where the card is thinner. I suspect that the night sky on this card was artifically added. You will have to wait a long time to see the moon that high in the sky looking north-east!


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