Stockton Grammar School Blazer Badge

This is the old school badge from Stockton Church of England Grammar School for boys. The descendant of the old Blue Coat School, which sadly was changed into a comprehensive in the early 1970s. The old school buildings now form part of Dr Ian Ramsey School at Fairfield Road.

Photograph and details courtesy of Phil de Chaumont-Rambert.

10 thoughts on “Stockton Grammar School Blazer Badge

  1. I’m just looking at a picture of my dad, Peter Mitchell, on his first day at the grammar school with his blazer on. He went on to Constantine and was a draughtsmen at HR. We moved to America in 1966 were he worked for Westinghouse. He specialised in nuclear power plants – not bad for a council house lad. His brother was Les and they lived on the Primrose Hill estate.


  2. Mike Matson, a Stockton Grammar School ‘Old boy’ has just published the 1st part of his trilogy on the history of the Grammar School. ‘The Blue Coat Inheritance’ – Volume 1 – The Eighteenth Century, is on sale at Preston Hall Museum Shop for £10. Well Done Mike!


  3. My brother Alan Boiston went to Stockton Grammer school. Sadly Alan passed away,he would have loved to have contributed to Picture Stockton. The school badge brought back memories for myself.


    • Your brother Alan was in my class at SGS – we took the school bus together from Roseworth to school.
      I lived not far from you in Raglan Close.


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