10 thoughts on “Staff of St John’s School

  1. This is definitely the staff of St John the Evangelist School, Cowpen Lane, Billingham.
    I can confirm all the names of the staff given.
    My sister, Mrs Catherine Conlin (nee Curran) is seated at the left end of the front row,
    I attended this school from approximately 1943 to 1952.
    All my brothers and sisters attended this school.
    Greetings all.
    Tony Curran
    (We all lived at 46 York Crescent – at very short distance via Weardale Crescent and Central Avenue to the church and school).


  2. This was most certainly St Johns Billingham, I don’t understand Tim Hardy’s comments. I attended this school from 1955-1962 & knew all the teachers, Clare Doran was my form teacher at the time of this photo , taken by the Billingham Express I believe, Thanks for confirmation Tony & Ann


  3. I was at St John’s Billingham from 1952 and left in 1958 to go to grammar school, I remember Mr Bradley, his parents lived near to my house. During my time at the school, Miss Jennings joined the staff and subsequently became Mrs Bradley. My first teacher was Miss Dent, I also remember Mrs Wildish, Mr Hodgson, Mr O’Connor and the headmaster was Mr Smith.


  4. This is St Johns R C School Billingham. I was at this school from 1960 until 1963, unfortunately I do not remember all the faces but the back row is:- Mr Bradley, Miss Finn,?, Miss Hutchinson,?,?, and Mr Gaffney. The front row is :- ?, ?, Mr O’Connor, Mr Morrisey the Headmaster, Miss Doran,
    and ?,. Maybe some-one else can fill in the rest.


  5. It definitely is not St. Johns. I was a pupil there in 1961 and I don’t know any of the people in this photograph. The buildings would suggest that it is the Ragworth School.


    • The first pic is St. John’s Billingham. I attended from 1952 to 1962. The last one is St. John’s Ragworth. I recognise all off The staff. We all went there along with our siblings from 5 to 15.


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