2nd Thornaby (Salvation Army) Scout Troop, Osmotherley – 1948

This photo was taken in the summer of (probably) 1948, no doubt on the last day of the annual camp on the edge of the moor, above the road from Osmotherley to Sheepwash (where the reservoir was built on Cod Beck in about 1955). We went back there every year and enjoyed ourselves immensely. No cars, no holidaymakers in those days… just us and the sheep ! The boys at the back were our leaders but I am not sure now of their names: starting from the left, (I think) two Leggett brothers, then someone called Bateman (?) who was called up to go to Korea, but I do remember Bob Graham who had the privilege of doing his National Service in the Black Watch, and then Dave (?) Simpson who did his in the Military Police in Hong Kong, and taught himself to play the bagpipes… The lads in the middle I can’t put names to, but the front row is easy: on the left is Keith Gordon, then Keith Barker, and his brother Neil. Actually, just behind me, on the left, is Keith Thompson, and at the right end of that row is a laddie called Denis Cowper (I think) who lived in the village (he must have been in a troop in Northallerton) but came up to camp with us. Photograph and detail courtesy of Keith Gordon

9 thoughts on “2nd Thornaby (Salvation Army) Scout Troop, Osmotherley – 1948

  1. Thanks for sharing this photo, it was great to see.
    The guy at back far right is Cliff Simpson (not Dave) and is my dad.
    My sister Jane now plays the very same bagpipes.
    My dad is still fit and well and 80 years old this year and living in Thornaby.


  2. The tallest one at the back is my dad, Cliff Simpson. He did indeed, play the bagpipes, and served in Malaya with the Military Police.


      • I don’t think so Bob, I did not know John had a sister, he has a brother called Dave who played football for Billingham Synthonia and his dad worked at Head Wrightsons, Thornaby.


      • Anon. I worked with this girl in the control room at Stockton. Knowing John from HW’s I did ask her if he was her brother and she said yes. Can’t remember her christian name, so long ago.


  3. I have now uncovered the second photo (1948), again my brother and I are in the photo. My brother David is in the back row, second from the left and I am just below him. Great pictures and write up. Unfortunately David passed away in 1999. If I can locate any of the names I will forward them on to you.


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