8 thoughts on “Stockton and Thornaby Hospital

  1. I’m looking for photos of my late grandma, Sybil Mary Hillman srn, who worked at Stockton and Thornaby hospital to put together family history for my son Matthew my grandma’s great grandson. If anyone can help please ask the PictureStockton team for my details…. thank you


  2. I spend a year working in this hospital in my first work in England in 1979 before moving to North Tees General Hospital under my beloved consultant Dr G.B.R. Warock. I’d love to see more photos. Dr zuhair sabbagh of jordan


  3. Where exacly was this hospital on Bowesfield Lane? It seems as if it’s the Accountants on the corner of Yarm Lane/Bowesfield Lane…


    • If you go up Bowesfield Lane from Yarm Lane, on your right past Westbourne Street and Edward Street is Bramley Parade. That and the area behind is the site of the hospital.


  4. I was in and out of here from 1959 till 1972 having many operations on my feet. I would love to see more photos and if there is an history that is generally available would really appreciate having a look.


    • Hi Ian just looking through the Stockton scenes and noticed your name are you the son of Tom Dodds, Billinham Press. I was a driver for the press and remember taking you and your sister Susan on various outings and to school I have just returned to the UK to live after 30 years living in Australia.


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