5 thoughts on “Tommy Booth’s Fields – 1951

  1. Tommy Booth did indeed deliver milk as did old Mr Armstrong from Armstrong dairy in Lanehouse Road, Thornaby his horse used to bolt a regular sight in the early 1950s the old boy clinging to the harness try to stop it. Happy but dangerous days .


  2. I did am improvement grant survey for SBC in the 1980s on Tommy Booths farm house needless to say it was still in its original condition .


  3. I remember the farm very well. It was a great time, helping Tommy with the haymaking. I also remember going around Thornaby with his horse and cart delivering milk straight from the churn. People came out with jugs, we had half pint measures which we used to give the correct amount of milk with. I don’t remember any milk bottles, but it was over sixty years ago.


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