The removal of the Coffee Pot Locomotive

The historic Coffee-pot Locomotive,  built at Head Wrightson & Co in 1870, was removed from the roundabout outside Halfords in the early hours of Sunday 12th August 2012 as part of St John’s Crossing development in Stockton-on-Tees. The last of the six photographs shows the locomotive in its present location at Preston Park. 

Photographs and details courtesy of Andrew Duffell.

3 thoughts on “The removal of the Coffee Pot Locomotive

  1. I hope that it it better cared for than the clock donated by Alderman Samuel Jennings (Belfast) which was in the museum entrance, but out of order when last I saw it. That clock was donated by an ancestor of Stockton Borough Alderman Joan Wade nee Jennings to the people of Stockton.


  2. I’m glad that this is being done. When I visited last year to see an industrial loco in the middle of a road traffic system just seemed odd. It’s good to see that it is being returned to Preston park.


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