Grangefield Boys – 1956

This series of 8 photographs shows the whole of the Grangefield Boys for the year, 1956. This photograph is some metre or more long in its original format. I recognise people I have not seen for more than fifty years, or even thought about. I have spent hours looking at the photo and hope others will do the same. I wish to say that this photo belong to Mick Boyes and I am indebted to him for lending them to me.

Courtesy of Brian Leak.

2 thoughts on “Grangefield Boys – 1956

  1. My late Father, Brian Thompson, taught there from 1952 to Dec 1955, so he won’t be on this set of photos. I’ve never seen any photos of him at the School, can anyone help!?
    Also Bill Miller taught there and came to Leicester in 1956, so he may be on this photo, but I don’t recognise him! When he came to Leicester he lodged with my Parents for a few weeks! (I can’t say I remember him then though, I was less than 2 years old at the time!)
    My Father died aged 82 on March 7th 2011, Bill Miller died a few months ago this year (2013). My Mother went to the Bill Miller’s Funeral.


  2. I have a copy of this picture among my memories of the 1950s. I am on the 2nd picture down on the left, 6th from the left on the 2nd top row next to Dave Eley on my right. I have seen many comments from Brian Leak in the past and am always keen to hear about the days we all spent at Grangefield. If Brian keys in Picturestockton+Grangefield he will see a picture I recently posted of Form 5 alpha in 1956. I have had responses from Artie Long and Brian Leonard and it would be good to see more hits on the picture.


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