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    • This part of the High Street was generally privately owned housing and we have names of a number of occupants at this address from 1834 to 1851. The earliest record we can find of the Lambton Castle Hotel at No.1 High Street is in 1855-6. The premises may have been shared with other businesses as there is also a Milliners and Dressmakers trading at this address from 1860 to 1868 – from which time it has been the Lambton Castle exclusively


      • Many thanks, that piece of information is helpful. I am just working on a piece of work and just needed to find out what the name of the pub was called before The Lambton Castle. I have been looking around on the internet and can’t find any details, and also I have looked in to our council archives and still nothing has come to life but thank you for the help that is great.


  1. The pub has been closed for quite a while now, but I recently heard it had a new owner who plans to open it as a wine bar. If this is true it would be quite a transformation for what was a traditional working class boozer. Can anyone confirm this?


  2. Does anyone remember Midorca house? – a shop just past Maxwells Corner. My mother – Nora Owles worked there in the early 1960’s. Any information would be greatly appreciated.


  3. These are the comments from the original post….

    Was this photo taken from Maxwell”s corner?
    Richard McLoughlin


    Where is the Lambton Castle?
    lauren jade knight

    yes the photograph was taken from maxwells corner. it is on norton road which leads straight into stockton high street.

    I remember Maxwells as the shop for Scouting clothing I got my first Wolf-Cub cap neckerchief (Green with red border) 1st Norton and woggle (leather with press-stud fastener) as well as stocking tabs green in the mid 1930″s. In those days a sheath-knife or folding knife (with spike to take stones out of horses hooves)was standard equipment. I later graduated to Scout-shirt and B.P hat they also sold scout-poles with inch and foot cut into the pole. Other than the Scout shop in Finkle Street did any other shop sell uniforms? Camping equipment was bought from the Army and Navy Store in Ramsgate our fist patrol tent being a “Bukta Ridge”. In this Centenary year of Scouting whats your earliest memories of Stockton and district ?
    Bob Harbron

    As a child in the mid fifties I remember Pete”s Snack Bar being around the area on the photo. It was just a long counter with a row of high stools. I don”t think I ever went in I used to look away when I passed because as I remember it had dead animals (rabbits and chickens) hanging up!
    Lynda Dickinson

    Graham Barrett – Jane And George Wright were my great grandparents. I have also been researching both the Crosby and Wright families. Their son, Thomas Bedlington Wright, emigrated to Australia in the 1920″s with my father and his brother and sister. Are you related ?? I had posted a message on another picture of the Lambton Castle on this site when I was trying to find out what happened to George and Jane. I eventually solved the mystery. They were divorced in 1901 and the family was split up. I would love to hear more from you.
    Robyn Wiggins

    I am looking for history on the Lambton/Lampton family Castle in Durham. The one associated with the Heirs of the Lampton Worm Folk Tale. Is this related at all? I read that two brew houses from the original Lampton Hall survived the demolition in the 1780″s and was wondering if this Establishment is connected? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank You
    Colleen Fielding

    Lambton Castle is situated in County Durham between the old town of Chester-le-Street and the new town of Washington, it is the ancestral home of the Lambton family, the Earls of Durham. John George Lambton was the first Earl of Durham and at one time was Governor General of Canada, and afterwards wrote the “Durham Report” which described the principle of colonial self government. He also reconstructed the house in the early 1800s, in the style of a Norman Castle. The Lambtons owned much land and many coal mines in the area. A lot of the house was demolished before WW2, due ironically to subsidence caused by coal mining. A large Grecian style monument was erected to the memory of the first Earl at Penshaw. Penshaw is also the resting place of the mythical Lambton Worm.
    Peter Weatherall

    Lucinda Lambton, the tv presenter, is from the same family.
    Mike Nelson

    In the early sixties, some of the sixth form pupils from schools in County Durham would attend an annual four day conference at Lambton Castle to hear talks about various subjects. The one I went to, in 1961, coming from Stockton Grammar, was on the Commonwealth. Lord Lambton was in attendence, plus his daughter Lucinda. But the highlight, in those days of segregated boys and girls schools, was the chance of meeting the other half of humanity. But it was there, in the library of Lambton Castle, that I began to read Frederic Engel”s “Condition of the Working Class in 1841”, a book which has affected me ever since.
    Fred Starr

    The “Motorist Discount Centre” next door to the Lambton Castle used to be a dress shop called Paiges. I remember it from the 50/60s when Stockton had lots of small dress shops, Charles, Graftons, Jones, Books, as well as the four big department stores with dress departments, Robinsons (Debenhams) Blacketts, Wilsons and Doggarts. Also, on the subject of shops, can any of the older generation remember if there was a cafe in Marks and Spencer”s in the 40/50s? I vaguely remember it from when I was small – it was at the back and there was a large clock on the wall. Everyone tells me I am thinking of Littlewoods next door, but when I was a child Littlewoods was still Coates and Sedgewicks, the fabulous drapers with dark polished wooden counters and staircase.
    Pat Pattison (nee Beard)

    You are right Pat – there was a cafe at the back of Marks and Sparks. I have had many a bet on it – and won!!
    Irene Maclean

    Thanks Irene, I knew one of the “older” generation would know!!
    Pat Pattison (nee Beard)

    Yes I too remember the cafe at the back of Marks and Spencers shop.I remember the waitresses and tea trollies also the aroma of the place.
    Julie Povey[Smith]

    Does anyone remember a shop called Midorca House, past Maxwells Corner, as if going towards Tilery/Norton?
    Jan Wong

    my step-sister worked at Midorca House late 60’s-early 70’s….her name is Dorothy Thorpe….
    Jan Wong


    • Hi
      I worked in a shop called Midorca House in Newcastle and a team of us went to other areas to get business (cold canvassing) for new Midorca House shops in Stockton, Leeds and Wolverhampton. Anyone know of others that were involved in this work??


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