West End Football Club – 1944/45

I think this photograph might be from the West End Football club? My dad Barry Dumble is the lad with the cup next to the lad with the ball. Indicated on the ball is the year 1944-1945.

Photograph and details courtesy of Jan Moore.

4 thoughts on “West End Football Club – 1944/45

  1. I must correct myself. This is the West End Minors’ team of that season.
    Back row: Ken Holligan, A Outhwaite, Reg Furphy, Rex Hazelton, John Gill, C Clements, A Ridge.
    Front Row: Harry Emmerson – team manager, Jack Thomas, Barry Dumble, Matt Wells (Secretary), B Lee (Chairman), T Wells (trainer), Ron Snowden, Brian Booth, K Wilkinson (committee).
    In the past there was another photo on the archive of West End Junior and Minor teams plus the 3 young lady supporters. It was taken on the same day I believe. I have a copy with all the names on. If the past one has not turned up I will send mine in if desired.


  2. Ken Rhodes submitted a similar photo in the people section with the names: (submitted this photo by kind permission of Mavis Holligon). It could be one of the first teams put out by West End, I dont know. Back Row: JohnPike, Alf Cordukes, Alan Smith, Ken Cook, Jack Conners, Alan Webster, Alf Holligon. Front Row: Harry Emerson, Denis Noble, Tom Dumble (captain) Matt Wells, B.Lee, Mr Wells, Wilf Tennet, Sammy John and Ken Wilkinson.


  3. Goalkeeper back-row centre is Rex Hazelton who later played for Stockton in their FA Cup run in the fifties and was a schoolteacher. Harry Emmersonis front-row left he was a good referee in the fifties and sixties and front-row 3rd from right is Snowden.


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