The Denmen – c1966

This photograph of the Teesside group, The Denmen was taken by Bernard Fernley round about 1966. It shows, left to right in the back row, guitarist and vocalist Alan Ludley (who sadly died in a car crash in the mid 1960’s) drummer Merv Jones, bassist Peter “Tubby” Ayton, and tenor saxophonist George Trigg. In the front row is keyboard player Peter Jackson with Paul Rhucroft on baritone sax. Paul sadly died of cancer a few years ago. Peter “Tubby” Ayton still lives in Norton and for many years was part of the resident band at the Club Fiesta.

Courtesy of Stan Laudon.

4 thoughts on “The Denmen – c1966

  1. I used to visit the club Fiesta frequently and Peter was a great friend of mine, I’d love to say hello and hope life’s been good to him…. Janet


  2. Can anyone tell me if the Denmen used to play ” Zippydidooda zippydiddee ” ( Bluebird on my shoulder) as part of their act??
    If they did, they were playing at the dance for Grangefield Girls school that I first met my wife to be, Glenis Keating. Thats the night I knew I would marry that girl !!
    I crossed the dance floor to ask her for a dance and half way across got into a fight with some jerk who wanted to prove he was a “hardcase” ….. he wasn’t.
    Anyway it took another year before I got a date! But I did and I married her and she gave me three beautiful kids and forty plus years of happiness before she passed.
    I’d cross the dance floor again and stop for a “fight” in a New York minute to get another dance.


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