9 thoughts on “Moderne Cinema Film Programme

    • It could still be there Phil, under the boarding covering it last time I went past.
      The other reason it was not that old as I remembering being taken there by my Parents after it opened before the war after an ice cream in the Melba Bar and walking up Norton High Street to the Green singing the songs from the film. It would be a musical in black and white as my Parents loved musicals.
      We kids went to the Tuppenny rush at the Avenue on Saturday mornings but when the Moderne opened we went to the Fourpenny rush instead, same pictures better seats.
      We would go and see at least two pictures a week as the show changed half way through the week. It was our entertainment all through the war and our holding hand courting place after the war. It always seem to be packed out and due to sweet rationing no rattling packets, no talking, no shouting out or clapping apart from when Mr Churchill was on the Pathe news, Modern Cinema goers would not recognise it, what no pop corn large cola’s? sacrilege they would say, probably the reason I would never go now.
      We cannot keep everything plus the maintenance bill to keep it pristine I doubt the rate payers would stand for it.


  1. Anyone have any definitive answers as to when the Moderne Cinema at Norton closed? Still going in 1958 but was the Fiesta Club from 1965.


  2. I remember my mam talking about going to the Modern as a young woman and walking all the way home to Haverton Hill! I have printed off this programme to show her, I’m sure it will bring back lots of lovely memories. Anyone else have memories of the Modern? Also, I noticed the Advert for the Palais-de-Dance, 1949 – would dances have been held there for the young people on weekends in those days? Great pictures, keep them coming!


  3. Our weekly treat by Mam and Dad on a Saturday night walking from Tilery was to go to the Avenue or the Modern after buying a bag of sweets at the newsagents. Later, before it was used as a night club it was also part of my early courting days. A collection to pay for one to go in and open the emergency exit and let the rest in!


  4. I am trying to contact anyone who knows Mr. Cyril Hay or Mr. Leslie Brown who shot some footage of the Coronation in Stockton in 1953. Many Thanks, Liz Treadway


  5. The advert for T. F. Bennett – a ‘Geordie’ – reminds me of my days as one of his paper boys. Up at 6.30 am then over to Surrey Road to collect the papers. My round was at the top of Roseworth beginning at Railway Cottages, so a ride up the Junction with the paper bag balanced on the handlebars of my bike. Back again after school for the 74 Gazettes. Thursday was a rough night as it was Radio Times night, so more weight to lug around as lots of people took the Radio Times in those days. Only one round on a Sunday, but some people got maybe four papers and they would therefore have to be delivered in two parts, with Tom Bennett bringing out the second lot in his two tone Sunbeam Rapier and meeting you at a pre-arranged spot. Many of the Sunday titles now long extinct Reynolds News, Empire News, Sunday Graphic. All of this for the princely sum of 14/- or 70p a week in all weathers. Despite the position of the shop a large number of his rounds were on Roseworth and Ragworth Estates. He would come round the houses collecting with his money bag and book . Getting a paper round in those days was ‘dead man’s shoes’ usually waiting until an older boy left school. Later Tom had a second shop on Darlington Lane, Norton near to ALDI. I was told that on his retirement in the 1970s he moved to New Zealand. One of our rival businesses in those days was the paper shop on Norton Green (Fosters? in my day) which I see has recently closed.


    • I worked at Fosters not for 14 shillings a week but half that It would be 1951. Also do I remember the paper boys for Bennetts who were delivery boys on Roseworth and Ragworth having to wait just past the Fussicks Bridge for Mr Bennett arriving with their bundles of papers, and as you say Radio Times day. I had to do my round twice that day, once with the evening papers and then the RT. No days off, 7am for the morning papers, home and brecky before going for the special to Richard Hind School. Off the bus at 4.20pm and straight into the shop for the evening round. I also had a butchers delivery round on a Saturday.


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