Pentland Primary School c1952

From a photo album, possibly donated by Angela Danby. These photographs show Pentland Primary School, Billingham. We believe the date to be c1952 as there is a letter thanking Miss Tilson for attending the schools Golden Jubilee Celebration Day. The children in the photographs are unknown to us, maybe someone recognises them…


5 thoughts on “Pentland Primary School c1952

  1. In the lower photo front row, I think are Geoffrey Barker (6th from left), Billy Jameson (9th from left) and possibly me, or at least half of me, at the extreme right. In those days Billy and I were good friends living as neighbours in the nearby Lomond Avenue. Another neighbour, Freda Pool, is in the top photo front row extreme right. It would be interesting to see a few more of these photosif anyone has any.


  2. Here a a few names of pupils in the photos Bruce Coleman (Me) John Betts, Lorna Bell, Valerie Walker, Les James, Robert Stone, Maureen Povey, Jennifer Richmond.


  3. I recognise a few of the kids in these photos. Michael Allen, Steve Nelson, Harvey Knox and myself in both photos, Ian Dalrymple


  4. Whilst access to the school was off Pentland Avenue, in 1952 it was called Billingham North – Billngham South was down the village.


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