15 thoughts on “Norton Road Bridge

  1. The building just to the left of the bridge (Hill’s factory behind) operated as a small foundry in the early 60s. Our Hungarian lodger Joe worked there, and once on a trip into town from Norton with him we popped in, and I still vividly remember the heat, smoke and brightly glowing iron…
    Love the “Lamb’s Navy Rum” hoarding, dates pic to the mid 70s?


    • I remember Wells fish and chip shop when staying with my Grandma in Railway Street during the summer holidays, late forties to mid/late fifties. When I have re-visited this area in recent years, I am puzzled by the bridge abutments which still remain, as the bridge decks for the two tracks are at slightly different heights. Does anyone know the reason?


      • David, The goods yard was below the main line and the sidings for the goods yard were down the line towards Portrack Lane, they would be on a gradient down to the Goods Yard Sheds. The goods yard being about the level of the Tilery bank Top.
        Railway Street had all the Coal Merchants drop points from the elevated section of main line.
        The Railway Street Ladies would wash the fronts, holy stone the window sill and step an hour later it was all covered in coal dust.
        Mrs Kiddle managed three of the local fish shops in the area but do not ask me which.


  2. Didn’t the nearest set of shops contain a barbers and a grocers called Walter Wilson.

    At Portrack Primary we were told that a very good example of an alliteration was “Walter Wilson’s windows were washed with wet warm water”


  3. The building on on the right just under the bridge was Rollands Tyres and on the right behind the bilboards was the railway goods yard later to become the garage for Rennisons Coaches.


  4. Cool 🙂 I remember not living very far from this bridge. My house was kinda within walking distance of Stockton Town Centre. I once lived in Tilery, in my early childhood. I first lived with my grandparents in Billingham. I remember passing a few run-down shops in Tilery. Just shops that were rotting away. Haven’t seen those shops in a while. Wonder if they’re still there.


  5. The bridge did have an advertisment for ‘GANDY’ brake linings in it’s early days, the corner shop on the right looks to have been the era when it was a tyre/battery and exhaust place, it’s earlier use was that of the Co-op store and I can still remember Mams divi number.


  6. In the buildings before the bridge was a ‘skip hire firm’, I don’t know its name but they had a habit of leaving the skips on the road outside the building. One late afternoon I was at the top of the bank going towards Tilery when a skip was pushed over the wall and fell onto Norton Road some 10 feet below. I was lucky not to have been involved in it.


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