4 thoughts on “Royal Signals Football Team – 1950

  1. Spot on Gran. Tottie was the centre forward in the very famous Stockton Boys team that reached the final of the English Schools championship in 1946. Tottie or Alf as he was also known became a Personal Manager wuth ICI . Alf told me the story of one of his interviews he had when a High Ranking Officer who had just been made redundant from the Army applied for a position at ICI. Alf told the officer he was in the same regiment during National Service, and when the officer started to reel off all these other High Ranking Officers that he thought Alf would be familiar with, Alf told him he did not know these officers as he was only a private during his National Service. You could imagine the officers face when confronted by an ex private who was about to determin his future. If they are still with us Alf why not give us a comment.


  2. What is the connection with Stockton with this team, where they stationed locally, or are there a number of Stockton lads in the team ?.


    • We still haven’t got any answers yet Benny. What is the connection with Stockton and who contributed it to the web-site maybe they can give us some answers.


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