15 thoughts on “The Wimpole – 1983

  1. The building is still there but the chimney is now shortened. The windows have either been removed or boarded over. The Renault 6 has gone as well…


  2. This is the Exchange Yard. I remember it as the Wimpy Bar, that being a place for a Wimpy burger and those wonderful Knickerbocker Glory soft drinks and the Wimpole pub being at the rear of the Wimpy. I think it’s always been a public house or something similar in that line. After the Wimpy Bar closed, it was called Exchanges and then in 1993, it was changed to the Royal Exchange. Now it is called Legions.


  3. I was always told that it had been a Methodist Chapel as had the rear room in The Spread Eagle at the start of Dovecot Street which had similar stained glass.


  4. iI just googled The Wimpole, all that came from that was a great list of properties for sale, plus a map! Is there something in the area that has caused all and sundry to up sticks??

    The photo taken inside shows it is/was a very fine interior. The colours are great and the glass truly fine too.


  5. I remember going into the Wimpole in the mid seventies and was blown away by the windows and roof. When I went in I didnt know they were there,why were they so ornate for a pub? What happened to it?


  6. I recall being shown these clerestory windows, when they were once more revealed, after a suspended ceiling was removed in the early 80’s. There was a similar window in the rear grd.flr. room of the White Hart Public House on Dovecot St. The latter pub I believe, was demolished in order to make way for the Wellington Square development.


  7. I think that was the alley leading from about the ‘town hall / now Mcdonalds’ area up through to where ‘little Asda’ was on West Row. ‘Gillys’ pronounced as in fish gill gives the date to 1980ish? There’s a few alleys along that route so its hard to place it exactly from memory

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