11 thoughts on “Passing by Ashmore, Benson & Pease

  1. Hello, does anybody remember a Mr Stirzaker? Can you tell me anything about him please? Both my parents, now passed away, worked at Ashmores , Mr Stirzaker(?) (unsure of spelling) was my mam’s, Lil Henderson, boss. Thanks Jude


  2. I served my time at ABP 1954 – 1959. Almost a year spent in Sudrens fabrication shop. Parkfield Joe Jordan was the manager, Harry Corner was the forman. Huge doors at one end opened to allow the train trucks into the workshop to unload steel for fabrication and for finished work to be transported out… I finished my time at the South works mainly in five bay Ken Garbutt was welding forman and “plodder” fabrication boss. Can’t remember his name, no disrespect. Great place to learn a trade, and great blokes to work along side.


  3. This photo appears to be of the old Head Wrightson’s Foundry Building which was alongside the main Railway line as shown. Maybe Ashmores bought out the Head Wrightson building some time after 1960?… I can not remember a Railway line running alongside the main Ashmores buildings in Bowesfield lane.


    • Benny, I believe that the above photograph shows the ABP building on Moses Street before the move to the state-of-the-art South Works fabrication facility in circa 1962. I started on the template bench on the South High Bay, as an apprentice, in August 1964 but was transferred to the drawing office the following year. South Works was great place to serve one’s apprenticeship and there were some lovely people in the Works.


  4. Hi Jim, You mentioned Ellicott street, did you know Keith Spence who lived there with his Nan? He was my best mate back the late 1950s earlty 1960s. He worked at the Malleable, the ICI where he had a bad accident being badly burned with Sulphuric acid in about 1966.


    • Hi Dave. Yes, I remember Keith Spence, though he was a bit older than me. He lived for a time with his grandmother, Mrs Drummond. He had a half sister too, I believe, or perhaps a cousin, a lovely young girl called Katherine Walker who died tragically in a motor bike accident. I didn’t know that Keith was badly hurt at work. Very sad.


      • Hi Jim. Thanks for your update on Keith, I didn’t know that Katherine had been killed as I lost touch with Keith some years ago. I know he lives in Stockton still but I now live in Bucks having moved around quite a lot. We had some great times together which are still fresh in my memory but Stockton itself has changed dramatically and not always for the best.


    • That name Ken Rhodes seems to ring a bell. This is Eddie Thompson, one time of Bickersteth Street, Bowesfield Lane School and Richard Hind. It’s all a long time ago!


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