7 thoughts on “Stockton Fire Brigade c1903

  1. Great to see this website putting people in touch! Mr Dyson and I have just spoken on the phone about Richard Merryweather. Louise feel free to get in touch too!
    George, I think that ‘M’ must have been a typo, apologies.


  2. My ancestor was Moses Merryweather who was sent by his father to London as apprentice to the company which developed the famous fire engine and which Moses eventually owned. His family moved from Yorkshire to Hartlepool and became ship owners.


    • Very interesting, Louise. I am writing a book on the history of Merryweather and Sons Ltd. Do you have any more information?

      If you wish to do your own research on the company, the best starting point is to read “The House of Merryweather: A Record of Two Centuries”. Try to borrow it with an Inter-Library Loan. If they won’t let you borrow it you might get away with photocopying it in full – it’s only 85 pages.


      • Hello, I have just stumbled upon your comments. I am currently working on a project at Hartlepool Museum on the history of the emergency services. I have come across a mr Richard M Merryweather (1815-1891) who was captain of the Hartlepool Fire Brigade for over 20 years, retiring in 1879. I believe his father William is brother to Moses Merryweather the fire engine manufacturer. Louise are you related to Richard? it would be interesting to speak with you and your family.
        Neil did you find anything more about the connection to Hartlepool? I know that in 1888 West Hartlepool bought a Merryweather steam powered fire engine. it would be interesting to know if the Merryweathers used their connections.


        • I’m another relative of the Merryweathers (and my father lived in Stockton as a teenager). I don’t know anything about Richard’s work with the Hartlepool brigade, but it seems he worked with his uncle Moses in London in the 1830s and I know he ran a fire brigade at Buckingham in the 1840s. When he came back home to Teesside his main occupation was as an auctioneer.
          Anna, I’m a bit puzzled that you call him Richard M Merryweather – are you sure about the M?.


      • Hi Neil, I’ve just come across your response. I’d be happy to help so please get in touch. Anna has my email address. Regards Louise


      • Neil, are you still interested in information on the Merryweathers? Please let me know if you are as I’d be glad to share information. I’m not sure whether you received my last message so could you confirm receipt of this? Thanks Louise


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