3 thoughts on “A View of St. Marys Church and the Turks Head

  1. An amazing picture looking over Tilery Rec and the whole panaorama of ICI Billingham. The Transporter Bridge is seen on the right. Arn’t most of the fields that belonged to Holme House farm, beyond the line of Lustrum Beck now covered in buildings?


    • Surprisingly not much appears to have changed since this photo was taken (from Hume House I assume).
      I think the only major bit to be built since this photo, is the area between the prison and Lustrum Beck. (the area of the yellow field in front of the ICI tower in this photo). There are now a lot more trees in those green fields/park, but otherwise they are pretty much unchanged. However in the foreground the Turks Head is no longer there and the blank area is now covered by a nursing (care) home.


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