Cherry Fair, Stockton High Street c1920


A view from the Stockton Town Hall of people coming together possibly for the annual Cherry Fair. Fruit from the local market gardens, cherries of course predominating were displayed on stalls in the High Street. A donkey derby was a highlight for people attending the fair.

2 thoughts on “Cherry Fair, Stockton High Street c1920

  1. I can only see a widespread display of bunting on the Carter’s facade (right) the flags on Robinson’s Dept store are usually always present in older photographs. This ‘Fair’ (that I’d previously not heard of) seems to have taken place during the summer months judging by the abundance of straw hats on the men. Looking at the women’s fashions and skirt lengths, they certainly seem those of ‘prior to,’ or ‘just after’ WWI. The crowd in the foreground appears to be gathered at the foot of the town-hall where there was once a decorative ironwork balcony, or verandah, (off the main council chamber at 1st flr.lvl.) from which civic-announcements were usually made. The thing is, where are the stalls?


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