Billingham Station – Old and New c1960s

The first photograph shows ’old’ Billingham Railway Station on Station Road. The second shows the station, just off Leaholme Road, during construction. Both were taken during the 1960s.

Photographs by John W Chesney, courtesy of Joyce Chesney.


6 thoughts on “Billingham Station – Old and New c1960s

  1. I remember old Billingham station very well, as a child standing on the bridge getting a face full of steam when a loco went under. Later, cycling to ICI, waiting at the gates for the coal trains to pass by making me late for work. Bob, I also know your sisters family, Karen lives over here in Canada, although about 3000 miles from where we live. I married Karens friend Sue Laverick, who remembers you Bob, do you recall her? I vaguely recall you John, did you have a sister called Paula?


      • Hi, Paula was a friend of mine who taught my daughters Leigh-Ann and Lauren Booth at school. I worked with her husband Graeme Nevatt at ICI oil works. His nickname was Gonzo. ( sorry Graeme) – regards, John Booth.



  2. This is the old station I remember well, we would walk from our home in Grantham Road Norton down to the Green across the Green, and along the side of Billingham Beck, then left up Billingham Bank up which my Dad would cycle every day to work at ICI offices and the Suppy Department, and his job as (Goods In Clerk). That was everthing from a “pin to an elephant” including retirement Gifts from ICI for Service to the firm.

    If I had been good? I would be treated to a 1p Nestles Chocolate Bar from the slot machine on the platform. Needles to say I was not always good as I ripped my new overcoat on the barbed wire fence, playng up the bankside where I think the old Saxon site must have been which we knew nothing about in those days. Good old Bob Harbron of Norton Heritage logged all about that. Well done Bob, for the huge amount of work you have done for the area and preserving the lovely village of Norton. I sincerly hope the planning permission is refused for the Red House School demolition for new houses which will ruin Norton Green…Come on folks give SAY NO!


  3. My sister Rita Wood, nee Wilson, lived in the fifth house up from the rail crossing gates at number 10 Allendale Road. She was married to Norman Wood who worked for ICI Billingham, he was killed leaving ICI works in 1984, following a collision in Belasis Road with an ICI tanker, I think a few members on this site would have known him.


    • Hi Bob. I lived 6 houses up from the crossing gates at number 164 Station Road and spent most of my childhood playing in and around this station. I remember your sister and her lovely family well, particularly their children Karen and David; Karen had a wonderful singing voice I recall. Norman was a lovely, quiet, gentle man and it was a sad day when he died so tragically.


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