A Kilted Regiment of the Great War

t12806A lot of local men were drafted into kilted regiments during World War One, my Grandad Henderson who was Stockton born is amongst these men, though I’m not sure which one. Maybe someone can tell me more about the kilted regiments…

Photograph and details courtesy of Deb Branson.

1 thought on “A Kilted Regiment of the Great War

  1. I’m no expert but the cap badge looks like it could be that of the Seaforth Highlanders. A lot of English soldiers were drafted into Scottish Regiments, especially after the appalling losses suffered by the ‘Pals’ battalions on the Somme in 1916, and many, like my own grandfather, chose to join a Scottish Regiment purely for the ‘glamour’ of wearing the kilt…..
    Some of the men are wearing kilt covers or aprons which served to prevent the heavy woollen kilts becoming waterlogged and covered in mud.


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