Billingham North Junior School, 1956

t12810Mrs Marshall’s class at Billingham North Junior (now Pentland Primary). The pupils are all about 10 years of age and are preparing for the 11 Plus exam the following year.         

Back Row – John Betts, Steve Nelson, Billy Bennett, ??, Brian Bell, ??, John Patrick, ??, ??, Dave Livingston, John Crossfield, Dave Smith. Middle Row – Michael Allen, ??, ??, Terry Hutchinson, ??, Lorna Bell, ??, Maureen Edgar, ??, Jennifer Richmond, Barbara Dawson, Tom Smith, Keith Rattue, Brian Storey, Billy Wallace, Neville Race
Front Row – Jaqueline Brough, Valerie Walker, Ann Venus, Judith Henstridge, ??, ??, Mrs Marshall, Susan Barnes, ??, Jaqueline Clayton, Maureen Povey, Valerie Hanson, Carol Turnbull. Seated – Les James, Robert Stone,  Billy Woodall, ??

Photograph and details courtesy of Bruce Coleman.

10 thoughts on “Billingham North Junior School, 1956

  1. Former pupils of Billingham North (1951 – 1957), Billingham South Seniors (1957 – 1958) and Billingham Campus Stephenson Hall (1958 – 1961) are trying to organise a reunion of former pupils for sometime in November 2015, I have been contacting people in various places such as Canada and Australia in the search for school photos, I have collected 7 in total, two of which I bought from The Picture Stockton website a couple of years ago. I am trying to locate as many former pupils as possible for this our third reunion, if anybody knows of people that attended those schools at those times I shall be grateful if they can get in touch with me via Picture Stockton, if you do contact me I can email a list of names of people we are trying to contact, all of these people will be celebrating their 70th birthday over the next twelve months and some will be Grandparents or even Great Grandparents.
    Our last reunion was in 2011 and there were over 30 pupils and 2 former teachers who came, it was an excellent night.


  2. Interesting photograph. Brings back a lot of memories. I am sitting in the front row on the far right.
    Bill Parkin is my name or to be totally correct William Robert Parkin. Although my home adress is in Melbourne, Australia. I currently work as an Academic Director for a college in Cambodia.


    • Bill, I am glad you posted a comment. I have tried to remember your name for years. I have several old school photos with you on, and always just thought of you as the guy who looked like Robert Vaughan (The Man From Uncle).


    • Bruce, Could the missing girl be Shirley Brown. Also Judith( Henstridge ) was Judith Huntridge and back row 8th from left was Jimmy Bell and to his left was Dave Williamson. Hope this helps. It’s only been, what, 57 years,so we haven’t done too badly have we?


  3. 45 in the class! What would today’s educators make of that?
    (Someone on the middle row is not named – there are seventeen in the photograph, but only sixteen in the list.)


    • Sorry this is late, but I’ve just spotted your comment. Post war birth boom meant classes were large. There was about 40 in my class too, a teacher often referred to as ‘young’ Mr Thompson in 4B. I remember he wasn’t well for a few days, so we went in the 4A class for a few days with Mr Lightfoot. So there’d have been about 60 in his class. To be honest I preferred him as he was a good teacher and the vast majority of his pupils passed the 11 plus. He was inspirational and there were NO problems with discipline.


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