The Salvation Army, Palmerston Street, Stockton

t12857The Salvation Army Hostel located on Palmerston Street, Stockton. Two stones were laid August 19th 1901 by Colonel Ropner MP and Councillor W.E Wardill of Gateshead for God’s Glory and the Welfare of the People.

It appears to have once been a school, does anyone know if this is correct?


Photograph and details courtesy of David Thompson.


5 thoughts on “The Salvation Army, Palmerston Street, Stockton

  1. During the 1940s, when I was a junior at Mill Lane Girls School, we had our school dinners in here. Does anyone else remember this?


  2. My mother was born in the early 1920’s, into a working class family that certainly endured much financial hardship. She would always give something to ‘charity’, but in the case of the Salvation Army, she’d actually cross the road in order to put something in their collection-box. In the days before the modern ‘social services’ and benefit-system, she reckoned that they were the only organisation that ever really ‘got stuck in’ to assist the poor, or those in desperate need.


  3. Went to Sunday school a couple of time there and it was only a few times too lol, too many exciting things to do before school on a Sunday , good times though.


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