7 thoughts on “The Dave Clark Five c1964

  1. Hi, I am looking for John Briggs who runs the Dave Clark 5 fan club. He contacted me a while ago regarding my brother Chris Walls who was an original member in the Band DC5. If he could message me on Facebook I may have some further information about Chris for the book. Many thanks, Philip walls


  2. I ran the DC5 fan club for a number of years, that photo has nothing at all to do with the DC5 appearing at Stockton, it is from a TOTP appearance


    • Hi Johhny, you are right that dc5 photo was not supposed to represent them on stage just to let people know they appeared there but I do have photos of them backstage at the Globe, Thurs 7th May 1964.


  3. This photograph doesn’t look like the Dave Clark Five were performing on stage at the Globe. There are no amplifiers visible, no leads coming from the guitars or a microphone for the saxophone. This looks more like a studio shot (possibly Top of the Pops) of them miming to one of their hits.
    Also on this show were The Applejacks, Millie & The Five Embers, The Worryin’ Kind,
    The Quiet Five featuring Patrick Danes, The Falling Leaves with Adrian Kildare as compere.


  4. Only two members of this act are still with us, Dave Clark on drums and Lenny Davidson on lead guitar. Leadsinger and keyboard player Mike Smith died in 2008. Denis Payton, saxophone player, died in 2006 and Rick Huxley, bass player, died this year.


  5. Barry, was anybody else on the stage with them at the same time? It seems strange cramping a 5-piece group onto such a small area, when the Globe has such a large stage.


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