The Prince of Wales visits Teesside c1930

t570The Prince of Wales came to visit Teesside on 2nd July 1930. His visit included a trip down the River Tees and a visit to the huge chemical factories of the Synthetic, Ammonia and Nitrates Co. Ltd. in Billingham. His Royal Highness is pictured in the photographs with Sir Hugh Bell and several civic dignitaries.



2 thoughts on “The Prince of Wales visits Teesside c1930

  1. My Dad took me to see the Prince of Wales I was only 10 years old but still remember the visit, we stood in Paradise Street, I think it is now Church Road and saw the prince go into one of the houses of an old lady and found out later that he had a cup of tea with her. My dad said he was a good bloke not stand offish and would have been a good king. I was sorry to hear he abdicated a few years later.


  2. In the top photograph, who is the tall gent. on the right?
    Whenever royalty visit an area they are initially received by the local Lord Lieutenant.
    In 1930, the Lord Lieutenant of Co. Durham was Charles Stewart, the 7th Marquess of Londonderry. Could the chap on the right be the Marquess?


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