Wilson Street, Thornaby

t13026The bus parked in Wilson Street next to Sadlers tanker depo was bought off Abbots of Leeming Bar and parked behind it is an ex beeline bus which  we painted yellow for The Mile House Monarch’s. The wall on the other side of the Street still has Beeston Coaches painted on. It has been there since 1980.

t13027Photograph and details courtesy of John Beeston.

7 thoughts on “Wilson Street, Thornaby

  1. I used to go to the Crow’s fair in the 50s (and possibly into the early sixties?). My auntie and uncle, sister and brother Alice and Fred Matthews lived in the last house on the right (33?) as you walked down from the Bon Lea. I used to play solo football kicking the ball against the gable end of the house! The toilet was at the end of the yard and if me and my cousins had a sleep over we would have baths in the tin bath in the kitchen!


  2. During the 1940s, I recall that Crows Fair held a once a year “meet” on the wasteland adjoining Wilson Street, Thornaby. This was an important event for Thornaby’s younger residents and children. I remember watching the stalls and side-shows going up including the Waltzer and bumpy-cars whose erection caused great excitement locally – which was understandable because there was no TV. in those days. The owner was Sam Crow from Northallerton, a man who was formerly from Middlesbrough. My father Jacob Wilson said that Sam Crow was originally a labourer in the Dorman & Long steelworks, who married a traveller woman called Adams, a woman of ambition who persuaded him to leave the steelworks and to open with her aid a stall in a fairground, he did so and because of this career move they eventually became fairground owners and organiser’s themselves under the name of Crow’s Fairs. This well-known and respected business eventually passed to his son William ‘Billy’ Crow, today it is run by Sam’s grandsons. (Bob Wilson, Five Lamps)


  3. Wilson Street had the Bon Lea pub on the corner. Some of the residents were the Ambrosie brothers – Johnnie,Peter and Mario, Wallace brothers – Billy and Jimmy, Iceton brothers – Derek and Freddie(Barny) and Kenny Morris.


    • The D’Ambrosia brothers & Freddie Iceton were all footballers, Freddie Iceton & Mario D’Ambrosia were both at the Boro, Mario played in Middlesbrough A team in the reformed North-Eastern League in the early sixties.


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