3 thoughts on “On their way to Market c1903

  1. This picture of 1903 shows just how long Stockton survived as an ancient farming and agricultural centre, despite the coming of heavy industry and major shipbuilding to the town during the early 19thC. industrial revolution. Livestock sales remained important, so much so, that in the late 19thC. the tree-lined open ‘promenading’ space, or park, known as The Square on Church Row, was adopted as a permanent livestock-market for the town. the trees and the decorative brickwork walls/ railings that surrounded this space being left in place around the pens, a section of which can just be seen, to the right of the picture. It can only be presumed by the time this took place that the wealthy owners of the large 18th.C houses on Paradise Row (just opp.) had moved on, thereby avoiding all the subsequent noise and ‘aromas’ that would emerge from what became known as The Cattle Market’.


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