4 thoughts on “Yarm Lane, Stockton

  1. This amazing picture seems to show The Green Bushes pub not long after it was rebuilt by Bass Breweries during the 1930’s in the style of an 18thC. townhouse, having previously been simply a ‘converted’ double-fronted residential property on the end of the adjacent terrace of early 19thC. cottages, the front gardens of which, have then been built over to form shops such as Burdon’s Music shop, etc. The original pub can be seen here; https://picturestocktonarchive.wordpress.com/2012/11/30/ye-old-green-bushes-inn/


    • The shops included Newman’s a good quality grocer, Holt’s men’s hairdresser and Brough’s another grocer, opposite Trinity School.


  2. What a super picture. I used to live on Yarm Lane, in a flat over a dry cleaning shop almost directly opposite the Maison, about three doors up from the Garrick. This would be about 1951. The flat had no electricity, being gas lit, and had no hot water either. One of my chores was to get the accumulator for the wireless charged at the garage farther up Yarm Lane on the left hand side. Another chore was to visit the hardware shop on the High Street to get gas mantles for the gas lights.


    • It is certainly a great reminder of my 5 years at Holy Trinity School on the right. I often looked in all the shop windows and enjoyed touring round in Newman’s with the wonderful aroma of freshly ground coffee. I sometimes had to call in Burdon’s music shop to collect music for my mother who was a contralto singer of some repute in the area.


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