8 thoughts on “Derelict Properties on Silver Street – 1986

  1. Richard Pickergills the one on the right was the glass shop with the lead shop in the rear above they stored iron heating fittings next to the glass shop moving towards the river was the general shore where i started as a store boy in 1957 next was the office and last was the workshop lower floor the made ships vents above front was the brass shop and behind this was the copper shop where they made port and starboard ships lights top floor the made ship cooking pots and pans there was also a shop in the high street and also in norton high street a life boat yard on the thornaby side opposite the floor mill the also had a work shop in smith docks at and also store by the river behind green dragon yard sixteen i started my plumbing apprenticeship


    • stockton Plumbing was on the opposite side, near the high street end opposite Blacketts Pickergill started in 1860s Stockton Plumbing started 1950


    • Richard pickersgills lead /glass shop chandlers shop ,office workshop I was a store lad there from 1957 to 1958 then apprentice plumber 1958 to 1963 the workshop made sheet metal items for ships, down stairs copper items, port and starboard lights on the middle floor, top floor made kitchen items for ships they also had a work shop in Smith Docks. Plumbers were sent to Smiths in the summer, there was a shop in the High Street opposite the Shambles river side and there was a shop in Norton High Street and a life boat yard near the Victoria bridge on the Thornaby side. To us the boss was known Mr Pickersgills to the older staff he was Master Dick. They also had ware house near the riverside called the potato house. At the age of 18 I was put in charge of the plumbing of Darlington grammar school in total charge with up to 5 plumbers under me including pricing for a days work and all because I was first on the job. My wage would have been £5.00 a 44hr week. This is trust you never forget. If I had got it wrong I could have lost thousands… From this I went on to run my own company years later. I do not have the words to thank the man.


      • Further to my letter on Pickersgills the picture with plumbing on was called the lead shop we cut glass in the from and sheet lead was cut in the rear down stairs. Upstairs we kept iron fittings for central heating the picture with electrical was the main shop Charlie Dowson ran the electrical shop behind this was the counter to the main shop where I worked as shop boy in charge was Harold. On this picture you can just see the office next door. The work shop was next down the street it was the shop boys job to get rolls of sheet lead of the wagon and through the narrow door and down the passage to the rear 5lb lead was 5lbxfootx20ftx20ft- 2000lbs we did with metal rollers and timber polls. We where both just 15 years and all for 14s 70p for 44hrs.


    • In the late sixties I had a Summer vacation job at Pickersgill’s in Silver Street. The business was closing and I and an old storeman went through all the buildings to salvage what we could. I remember filling many tea chests with scrap metal from their plumbing business, even finding a sack full of about ten unused brass ship’s chronometers that had been forgotten for years.
      My mother worked in the shop in Norton High Street.
      Mr Pickersgill was a grand man, as was his son,’Mr. Bill’.


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