Keith Lipthorpe

t13306t13305When Keith passed the exams for both Stockton Grammar schools, he chose the one where his parents were not required to pay for pens and paper! He enjoyed sport but his real love was music. (Stockton Secondary Grammar School Rugby Team. Keith Lipthorpe 2nd from right, front row.)

At 14 years old he started to play the trumpet and with his brother Jim on saxophone they formed the Jimmy Lipthorpe Swingtet. Keiths musical expertise progressed during his RAF Service and whilst playing with many local dance bands in the 1950’s/60’s. He played at the Jubilee and Maison de Danse in Stockton, following this he accompanied ‘Top of the Bills’ at the famous Fiesta nightclub which he created in Norton Road. (The Jimmy Lipthorpe (JL) Swingtet at Fishburn Miner’s Welfare Hall.) His story, ‘Club Fiesta: The Real Story’ is available to purchase at Norton Library.

Photographs and details courtesy of Helen Lipthorpe (Keith’s Daughter).

12 thoughts on “Keith Lipthorpe

  1. Dear Keith, please finish the story the bits you left out… I loved your first book, but will buy your next if you do it. You had tremendous guts to risk everything, you are the real star. Warm regards John


  2. I loved the book by Keith Lipthorpe, it was very honest. Artists forget how hard it is to run a nightclub week in and week out and survive. They were too greedy. Keith is a great man. I would love to chat to him. Best regards John Griffin.


  3. Meet Mr Keith Lipthorpe at Strickland & Holt Yarm on Friday 17th April 2015 2-5 pm, 50 years since he opened the Fiesta!


  4. Thanks for the connection to the Club Fiesta story. I already contacted the website and emailed Helen , Keith’s daughter; re: my connections with her Dad. She sent me very nice reply and I will take the opportunity when back in England in the beginning of April to meet up wth them and reminisce on some of our “old” memories. My grand-daughter and I will be at the Queen Catherine on Sunday afternoon for a “good old fashioned Sunday dinner” if any old friends out there want to reminisce with us … come join us.


  5. The Club Fiesta: The Real Story with Keith Lipthorpe. Books and Banter, Wednesday 19 March from 10.30am at Stockton Central Library. All welcome – free event. Refreshments Served.
    ‘The famous Club Fiesta was created through the determination of one man, Keith Lipthorpe. His vision brought to fruition the Fiesta nightclubs in Stockton and Sheffield.’ Books available to purchase on the day.


  6. One of your contributors have put the Lipthorpe brothers as oweners of the Fiesta, but I believe that they were directors of the consortium that owned the club which was called Norton Entertainment and included the builders Moore and Cartwright. I think it was Fordy and few other business men from the area…


  7. My mams friend married Keith Lipthorpe she was called Barbara (second name unknown but will find out ) Keith owned the Fiesta and aparently was “The Money ” back in the days


  8. My cousin Peter Sawyer 2nd from left on middle row. He was a transferee from Richard Hind going on to do Higher School Cert. Probably the 2nd XV of about 1948.. Background is the changing pavilion in SW corner of the outer of the Ropner Playing Fields used by Stockton Sec. The inner field by Stockton Grammar School.


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