15 thoughts on “The Bowesfield, Bowesfield Lane

  1. I might have posted this on the old site but it may jog someone’s memory.My father George Ferguson worked at Hunters the Bakers in Bowesfield Lane for 28 years into the late seventies. It was the opposite side of the Bowesfield pub, corner of Bowesfield Lane and Stafford street.


  2. So happy to see comments of the Bowesfield pub. We ran the pub from 1991 to 1993, Dave and Eileen Shepherd, then we took the Senators, same as Les King. Happy Days.


  3. While no longer a pub (now a care home) the Vaux brewery logo showing two birds back to back with a “V” in-between has survived on this building. Just like those on the Castle & Anchor on the corner of Church Road/High Street. Wonder how many more are still out there?


  4. My name is Tom Turner in 1952 I the Bowsfield Hotel, my mother’s maiden name was Herrington and lived in Arlington Street, sorry I can’t remember what number. If anyone has more information it would be much appreciated.


  5. Hello Beryl so glad you remember me I would love to be in touch with you I have not checked this site for a long time. Good to see you have kept in touch with everyone. I did hear Veronica was in Australia I have been here since 1970 I have 6 children 11 grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren. Sadly my husband passed away 3years ago.
    I hope to hear from you best wishes. Jean Barker née Brant


  6. i was born in 1953 in the robson maternity home in bowesfield lane , My grandparents james and elsie whitfield lived in st cuthberts road at the time and my grandad james used to do the compering upstairs in the bowesfield as my mother said he,d copy leonard sachs who did the Good Old Days on the television . My grandparents were the second people to have a television in stockton. . When i was born the coronation was a fortnight later and i was passed around to hold while people came into my grandparents house taking turns to watch it and see me .


  7. In reply to Anon – Polly was my auntie, Polly Carter was her name, she lived in Pearson Street. I lived there for a period of time, my 3 brothers were born in Stockton I was born in Coventry. I have a lot of happy memories about the Bowsfield pub, and about Stockton. Les King the landlord.


  8. In the late 50s the Bowesfield was run by a guy called Henderson because we used to knock about in a group and his son Stan was one of them.


  9. I was just reading through these replies and my husband John Gosling remembers the episodes with Les King and remembers him saying he would bar the Queen if she walked in with a head scarf on. He also mentioned the yard of ale on a Sunday night.


  10. Gosh I remember this pub I used to work there late 70’s. I remember Joy There was the lounge, domino room, and the snug in the back and I remember Nelly Oliver singing, the bar was always packed.


  11. Les King who was the licensee of the Bowesfield and the Thirsty Senator was the father of Brian King who played in goal for Norton C.C.T. in the Teesside League in the late sixties.


  12. My in-laws the Goslings had the Bowesfield in the 1970s and it was a lovely pub. My mother in law Joy used to play the organ on sing along nights. I have very fond memories of this pub. It’s sad to see it in the state it’s in now.
    Mrs Gosling

    I too have fond memories of the Bowesfield. It was where I had my first pints in the 60s being close to where I lived in Parkfield. My great aunt Roseanne Peacock from Waverley Street was often called upon to get up and give a song. She’d shuffle up to the mike in her bedroom slippers and show everyone her only tooth as she warbled favourites like “Your Cheating Heart”. Roseanne was with us until she was about 97.
    Jim McCurley

    Do you remember old Polly the cleaner? That was in the early 1970’s and she was an old lady even by then. I remember Joy …nice lady. I used to play in the pub in the early 70’s with Peter Gosling …happy days.

    When the “Thirsty Senator” first opened it was the Landlord from this pub who took on the Licence. He was well noted for his snobbery. He barred all the Gypsies from going into the Bowesfield. Not only that when the Bowesfield was refurbished in 1970-71 he would not let any women in that wore scarves (turbans) on their heads. (Big headlines in the paper at that time) He carried on his behaviour when he took over at the “Thirsty Senator.” Can anyone remember his name?
    Bob Irwin

    The Landlord of the Thirsty Senator who previously had the Bowesfield was called Les King I believe. I remember the head scarf episode and believe it got an airing on ‘That’s Life’ with Esther Rantzen.
    Mark Dolan

    I’m looking for information about the steamship “Bowesfield” launched at Thornaby by Richardson Duck on 16.11.1880 for F.Binnington & Co. Stockton. The “Bowesfield” wrecked at Faro Point (Italy) on 22.05.1892. I’m interested in some picture or drawing of the ship and the history of last trip.
    Daniele Cotogno

    Daniele – The Official No for the Bowsfields is 67514. The last crew agreements and ships log for 1892 will (If they still exist) be in Newfoundland, Canada
    Ray Buck

    Lee Firth

    My “Aunty Peg” was featured on the Braden Beat because of her refusal to take off her head square in the Bowesfield pub. She used to work at Ashmores. Because of her refusal she was promptly barred from the pub.
    Steve Elsworth

    The last story about the Bowesfield pub was by a person named Steve Elsworth. I wonder if he is related to me as my fathers name was Herbert Elsworth. A Denis Umpleby might be as he had an aunt who’s surname was Crossont. There was an Emily Street in Stockton, if Steve wants to get in touch I would be delighted as I have been trying to trace any family from Stockton
    Joan Thorogood

    Joan Thorogood – there was an Emily Street in Stockton, it was off Oxford Street which was on the opposite side of Norton Road to St. Marys Church where the roundabout is now.
    Len Nicholson

    Thank you Len Nicholson. Was there a pub in Emily Street? I can remember a pub near to my aunt Sarah’s house. I was evacuated to Emily Street in 1942 or there abouts and lost contact with all my relations when coming home to Essex. I am a ‘silver surfer’ and found this site. My father was born in Smith Street and also lived at 5 Compton Street. Like your surname my grandmothers maiden name was Nicholson before her marriage to William Elsworth in the 1850s.
    Joan Thorogood

    The pub nearest to Emily was the Bone Hotel in Oxford Street, others were the Gladstone & the Turks Head in Thompson Street & the Commercial next to the Zion Church.
    Len Nicholson


    • I grew up in Canada, but my Dad is from Parkfield. My Grandad was a fixture at this pub Billy Heslop. They lived on Addeley Street. Somehow my dad was related to the landlord of the Thirsty senator, and Les King sounds familiar, but I couldn’t be sure!


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