13 thoughts on “Wright and Co., Stockton

  1. An editorial in the Stockton Herald, 27 December 1890, reported that Thomas wright, aerated water manufacturer, had left a sum of money in his will towards a fund to purchase a clock for Holy Trinity Church (Stockton). There was originally a turret clock in the spire but it was unsuitable and had long since disappeared leaving only a cavity. Thomas had noticed this on a daily basis as he passed through the church grounds. His widow had decided to make up the balance of the fund to enable a clock to be obtained.


  2. My dad worked there in about 1950 until the early sixties. Albert Burton. I used to go out withe him
    On the lorries delivering during school holidays. We found an old well at the Yarm street premises.


  3. Over the years Stockton has had a number of aerated water manufacturers,these include the following.
    William Dunn,102 High Street (1894-1901)
    J.J.Eggett ,Northcote Street (1901-1924)
    E.Harper,Scarth Street (1906-1936)
    W.Henderson,Prince Regent Street (1901)
    Christopher Jordison,Skinner Street (1894-1925)
    Sugden & Co.,Brougham Street (1901)
    J.Thomas & Son,102 High Street (1906-1910)
    T.S.Whitehead,Northcote Street (1894)
    H.H.Wren,West Row (1871-1924)
    The dates of the businesses may not be complete and are only taken from trade directory entries.


    • T.S. Whitehead was Thomas Sunter Whitehead who was a Soda water manufacturer and coal merchant. He started business in Back Leeds Street, Stockton in April 1873. Around 1879 he moved to 6 Northcote Street.


  4. According to “The Industries Of Yorkshire”,1890,which has a section on Stockton-On-Tees,the company was established in 1851 by Thomas Wright.In 1890 they produced a wide range of what were called aerated waters from a premises on Yarm Street,which is near the present day Jockers pub.Among these were lemonade,ginger ale & ginger beer,but also products which are less familiar today,such as soda,potash,seltzer & lithia waters.
    Thomas Wright died prior to 1890 and was succeeded by his nephew,A. E. Hardcastle,who carried on the trade under the old company name.At one point Thomas Wright also owned the Theatre Hotel on Yarm Lane,which later became the Jockers.
    The labels also give an address at 17 – 19 Skinner Street but I have no information on when they moved to this premises.Does anyone know when Wright`s ceased trading?


    • On the 1861 census for Stockton Thomas wright was a soda water manufacturer living at 11 Finkle Street.The earliest trade directory entry I can find for him is 1865,when he is listed as Thomas Wright (late Hardcastle),Yarm St.
      Prior to 1865 a William Hardcastle is listed as a chemist,soda water & lemonade manufacturer,2 Finkle Street.Given that Thomas Wright`s nephew was A.E. Hardcastle it is possible there is some relationship between the two and Thomas Wright may have started as a partner to William Hardcastle.
      By 1869 the business must have been a thriving one as Thomas wright owned the Theatre Hotel,Yarm Lane,Stockton.


      • Arthur Edward Hardcastle is recorded as William Hardcastle`s son on on the 1861 census.I believe William Hardcastle married Thomas Wright`s Sister,Mary,at St Thomas`s Church ,Stockton-On-Tees,on the 20 May 1845.
        I have found an earlier record for Thomas Wright.On the 1851 census he is recorded as a soda water maker living at 6 Portrack Lane,Stockton-On-Tees.


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