7 thoughts on “The High Street c1940

  1. Does anyone have a source for this photo? I live on the highstreet and I’ve been looking to buy a print of an old photo of our flat. This is the first one I’ve found from the right perspective.


    • Hello Sian
      We would be happy to provide you with a copy of any image you request (assuming there are no copyright issues). The prints themselves are produced on quality photographic paper and are as close to A4 size as we can make them depending on the quality of the original image. We sell them for £5 each including postage. Please email us at pictures@stockton.gov.uk and we will contact you directly.

      Regards Picture Stockton Team


    • Depends on when in 1940 Paula. Many of the Towns high and mighty had cars which would include people working in the Offices each side of the High Street.
      The first few months from 3rd September 1939 to May 1940 nothing happened in our area, the massive air raids forecast by the newspapers did not happen and people got quite blasé about it all.
      Petrol could still be had by certain people who were considered essential to the war effort, my Dad a Haulage Contractor stock piled petrol, it was a good job a bomb never hit our garage.
      Things got real in May June when the first heavy raids took place at Cargo Fleet June saw attacks on Thornaby Aerodrome and the first casualties, for eight months things were fairly normal and once the School air raid shelters were built we kids were back at school full time a shock to the system after the weeks of part time education.
      The cars all but vanished once the main attacks came almost two years of nightly alarms and sleeping in shelters, we still arrived at work or in our case at school on time. I see one shop has a sale so before rationing became the norm.


      • May and June 1940 seems a bit early for raids on Teesside. I would have thought the raids didnt begin before the B of B after the fall of France.


  2. Much later on I can remember visiting the Waverly Cafe down one of the wynds with my mum ,nana,auntie and cousin


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